Friday, September 26, 2008

The Baby Furniture has Arrived

The baby furniture was delivered today. Eli's manroom is really coming together. Check it out at

Anna at 25 weeks 3 days

Baby Eli is growing! I finally got Anna to let me take some pictures of her. Isn't she beautiful!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eli's Shoe Collection

Even though he will not be with us until January, Eli has already began a nice little shoe collection.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Project "Eli's Manroom"

Starting on the 3rd of September, the nursery renovations began. 20 days later, everything is finally finished. With only two days to spare before the baby furniture! Anna had the great idea to put up wainscotting around the entire room. It turned out to be quite an intense project. Even though the project caused me to loose some sleep time, I felt like it was my way of helping welcome our son to his new home. I think little Eli will have the best room in the house. Here is a few pictures of the project taking form.

Baby Eli

Ryan and I found out at the end of April that we would be expecting our first babe!! Eli is suppposed to be here around January 2nd and we are so excited! Ryan has been busy, busy in the nursery and I have to say that it looks GREAT! Who knew that my husband was such a hard worker? Ryan and I both have such a great time picking out baby clothes. We have lots of Nike things for daddy and even some Jordan things. I don't know if these things are more for Eli or for Ryan. As for me, I like things like bibs and sweaters. You know all of the cute things that mommies like. In the meantime, Ryan likes seeing my belly get big and I don't like fitting into my clothes. Other than that, we are too happy for words!
Check out more ultrasound pictures at :

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Doug's Bachelor Weekend

For one of Doug's last weekends as a free and unmarried man, we took a fishing trip to Cape Hatteras, NC. There was some good fishing for the weekend and we all had a great time. For more pictures check out the link at the bottom.