Thursday, January 8, 2009

Proud Mommy!

I am not the biggest blogger by any means. Ryan started this thing anyway, but I am going to use this as a chance to brag. I don't like to brag about anything, but having a son as great as ours gives me a little reason to. WOW! Eli is growing faster than I ever imagined. He is already 11 weeks old and boy is he fun! He smiles all of the time and he loves to stick out his tongue just like his mommy! He is definitely his mother's son. Although, I have to say when he was born he looked just like me, now he looks just like Ryan. He is definitely his father's son too. I have many favorite times during the day with our son and I absolutely love being at home with him until I go back to work. When he wakes in the morning, he gives me the sweetest little smiles, or should I say big smiles and laughs too. He loves to listen to music and dance around the living room and our bedroom. It's amazing the things that babies like. His favorite song is "Sweet Thing" by Keith Urban. When the song comes on he gets so quiet. So I call him my Little Sweet Thing. At night, he loves to lay on mommy and daddy's bed until it is time to go to bed. When we start to read our bedtime story he knows that it is time to go to bed... his eyes may start to close a few times, but then he shows another characteristic of mommy. He pulls out his fiesty side. He balls up his little fists and starts to fuss. He is exhausted, but boy does he fight sleep. I think it's cute! I like to call him "Sassy." Anyway, being a mommy is great and better than I ever expected. It fills our days with such joy and happiness. Although, Eli has only been in our life for about 11 weeks, Ryan and I agree that we don't remember what life was like without him because it is so GREAT with him!


Wolford Family said...

Look at that sweet cuddly face! Isn't motherhood amazing?! Can't wait to see you soon...are you coming shopping with Em and I while she's on leave?

Ryan and Anna said...

Yes! That sounds good to me. We have a couple of weeks that we are on leave together. I am trying my hardest to look at our budget and at least take a year with Eli,. but we will see. Plus, it takes a lot of coersing Ryan. I hope that everything is going great with your family. Riley is growing like a weed! What a beautiful little girl!

Wolford Family said...

Oh, how I know that feeling of not wanting to go back to work and BEGGING the husband!!! Hope it works out for you...tell him it's just a year and one of the most important ones!