Saturday, April 4, 2009

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

On Wednesday night Ryan and I took Eli to see the Easter Bunny. Oh no! I have to admit I was a little fearful of taking him because you know you've have seen all those home videos of kids screaming their heads off when they visit Santa or the Easter Bunny. I thought for sure that was what Eli was going to do. Plus, he fell asleep in the car and he does NOT like to be woken up, he likes to wake up on his own. So I just knew that I was in for a double whammy. When we got to the mall Ryan and I took him in, woke him up, and went straight to see the Easter Bunny. WOW! I was so impressed with our little man. He sat right on the Easter Bunny's lap, for about 10 minutes I might add and he did GREAT! He smiled and looked just as cute as ever. The screaming started once we got back in the car. He saved that for mommy and daddy. Take a look at our sweet, little, honey bunny!

Our Little Bunny
Happy Easter!

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Gregston Family said...

OMG, he is so cute. I love the pics :-)