Friday, May 15, 2009

Rolly Polly!

Eli is five months old today! Ryan and I could not be more proud of our little boy! He brings so much joy into our lives and he continues to be a great baby! He sleeps through the night, he's rolling over, and he has been eating rice cereal and fruit for about a month now. Boy, is he an eater. I guess he gets that from his daddy! :) Eli loves to be read to, go outside, and his favorite part of the day is still definitely bathtime. He splashes and kicks and it is rare that I am dry when he is done. Ryan and I take him everywhere we go and there isn't a person that he doesn't greet with a smile. Jared says that he looks like a little, old man with no teeth. That's just one thing that he calls him (toad, hermit, Spike the dinosaur from the Land Before Time). I keep telling Eli that Uncle Jared is mean, bu the truth is Eli will probably be a lot like him.
Lately, he has started squealing like a little pig and I have to admit I LOVE IT! It is so funny and he knows exactly what he is doing. When he starts squealing if you squeal back at him he keeps on doing it. Maybe he is blessed with my personality. Poor baby, let's hope not! Eli stays with Great Granny Vivian and Great Papa Roy during the day while I am at work. I always tell him what a lucky little boy he is to have Great Grandparents. Spoiling is Granny's job she says and I just laugh. Plus, I get to spend a lot of time with them too since I go over there everyday so Eli and I are both lucky.As for daddy.... Ryan has been watching the NBA playoffs lately and oh yes! Ryan has a little basketball in Eli's hands almost every night. That's one of daddy's favorite things to do. That reminds me, we need to get that thing out of the drain. Thanks Lucas and Nathan!
Eli LOVES his new toy! Thanks
Mommy's Favorite Face!
Eli teaching Daddy how to read
Such a CUTIE!


Wolford Family said...

So adorable!!! Riley started on baby food when she was 4 months old, too! So much fun!

Gregston Family said...

He is absolutely precious! Enjoy every minute because it goes by way too fast! My little man will be turing 5 in June, and the "baby girl" will be 3 in June!!!! Your little man looks like such a happy baby...good job mommy and daddy ;-)